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Ohio Power Company (AEP)

Why Switch Electric Suppliers?

Your needs will vary when it comes to energy and your home. There are many reasons to make NRG Home the company that supplies your electricity:

  • Choice: As an Ohio resident, you can choose an electric supplier that offers rewards, renewable energy, and different pricing options.
  • Rewards: Ohio Power Company (AEP) probably doesn't reward you just for being a customer, but if you sign up to have NRG Home supply your electricity, you can choose from a variety of rewards plans that offer enrollment and ongoing bonuses.
  • The Environment: NRG Home offers energy plans that range from 5% to 100% renewable energy.

What to Expect After Signing Up

  1. We will contact Ohio Power Company (AEP) on your behalf, using account information that you provide, to let them know you've chosen NRG Home as your electric supplier.
  2. Once Ohio Power Company (AEP) processes the switch, you will see us listed as your supplier on your regular bill, which means NRG Home is supplying electric to your residence.
  3. Ohio Power Company (AEP) will continue to read your meter, maintain your local power lines, respond to any outages, etc.