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NRG Home offers residential energy plans to Massachusetts electric utility customers. In addition to offering plans that fit your unique needs, you won't have to do anything differently than what you're already used to. Your local utility will continue to deliver your electricity, read your meter and send your bill.

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    Here's How Electric Choice in Massachusetts Works

    1. Electricity is produced from a variety of sources and sold on the open market.
    2. NRG Home buys energy and adds rewards and other features you select.
    3. We sell that energy to you. Then we coordinate with your local Massachusetts utility company, which continues to provide the same delivery service without interruption.

    License Information

    NRG Home is a trade name of Reliant Energy Northeast LLC, a supplier licensed to do business in Massachusetts (license number CS-081).


    • You will continue to receive your bills from your utility company.
    • Budget billing is an available option.
    • Your switch to NRG Home will take 1-2 billing cycles.

    NRG Home Contact Information

    Current customers: 1-855-500-8703
    Prospective customers: 1-855-388-5276