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Who We Are

NRG Home is an energy supply company, serving customers in the Northeast United States. At NRG Home, we put the customers at the center of everything we do and offer plans that come with unique perks. We are part of NRG Energy, Inc., a Fortune 250 company at the forefront of changing how people think about and use energy. Learn more about what the NRG family has to offer

It's time to put the power in your hands.

NRG Home allows customers to choose plans that fit their needs. Our unique plans offer different rewards, renewable energy and pricing options so that you can find a plan that is right for you.

Perhaps the best part is that you don't have to do anything differently. There will be no interruption in your service. Your local utility will continue to deliver your electricity, read your meter and send your bill, while you reap the benefits of joining the NRG Home family.

NRG Home serves customers in Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.